Fondazione Pallavicino Genova

The Pallavicino Family

The Pallavicinos are children of a glorious history, which places them among the most ancient and eminent feudal families of northern Italy, in the descent from the remote lineage of the Obertenghi, capable of expressing, in their own Family, senators, three doges of the Republic of Genoa in the 1528 and the XVI Genoese hotel.

The Palace

The Palace has its roots in the Renaissance and bears witness to an ancient and illustrious history. Over the centuries it belonged to the Interiano, Centurione Oltremarini, Grimaldi della Pietra and Vivaldi Pasqua families, and was purchased in 1836 for the sum of 250,000 lire.

The Foundation

The Pallavicino ETS Foundation of Genoa was inaugurated in July 2019, by the will of Prince Domenico Antonio Pallavicino, with the aim of preserving and continuing the memory of the Pallavicino family.

Through the important family heritage, the Foundation will be the protagonist of the cultural life of the country and of the city of Genoa.

Genoa, in the future, will surprise the world. The Pallavicino Foundation is the vanguard of that future