Genoa in the future will be a surprise in the world. The Pallavicino Foundation is at the forefront of that future”

(Vittorio Sgarbi)

The Pallavicino ETS Foundation of Genoa was inaugurated in July 2019, by the will of Prince Domenico Antonio Pallavicino, with the aim of preserving and continuing the memory of the Pallavicino family, children of a glorious history, which places them among the most ancient and eminent families feudals of the north of Italy, in descent from the remote Obertenga lineage, capable of expressing, in their own family, senators, three doges of the Republic of Genoa in 1528 and the XVI Genoese hotel.

Through the important family heritage, the Foundation will be the protagonist of the cultural life of the country and the city of Genoa, also thanks to the commitment of prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, able to always generate an artistic vision of international level, promoting conferences, conventions, publications dedicated to Italian art, with particular attention to the Genoese one, establishing prizes and awarding scholarships for young graduates in the history of art.

The Foundation will work to increase its collection, with the purchase of paintings, sculptures, objects, on the Italian and international market, and will promote important ancient art exhibitions, which will take place in the rooms of Palazzo Pallavicino, or in other locations institutional, in twinning with museums or foundations.